Graduate Training at Wynn Williams

When you join us as a graduate or clerk you will have already spent several years preparing for your career.

Graduate training at Wynn Williams
You will require more training, of course, but we believe it is time for you to start using what you know.
From the start of your first day we will expect you to play an important part in the work of the team you join. This doesn't mean you are abandoned or unsupported; neither does it mean that you only do basic jobs. What it does mean is that we will value your knowledge and skills and help you to develop them in the context of real cases. Client meetings, drafting, project planning, court attendances - these will all be part of your daily work. You will hit the ground running.

We aim to place graduates in the work areas in which they are most interested. On-the-job learning is supported by our Continuing Professional Development sessions and a programme of weekly in-house training sessions. We have developed an amazing induction programme, helping you to find your way around our offices and our systems. You'll be provided with a supervising partner who'll be your go to person as well as  a buddy who'll be there to help give one-to-one training so you learn more about specific areas of law.

Types of work:

As a full service firm we are able to provide you with experience in all of the areas of law that we cover.
The firm tries to accommodate a graduate's own choices although these have to be balanced with the workload and business requirements at the time.

Our core practice areas are:
  • Dispute Resolution  
  • Resource management and environmental law 
  • Corporate Advisory 
  • Commercial Property 
  • Private client services 
  • If you want to learn more about our areas of experise visit

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