Diversity at Wynn Williams

Wynn Williams has undertaken a Diversity and Inclusiveness review with Diversitas.

Diversity at Wynn Williams
We are currently working with Diversitas to prepare a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy and, in terms of implementation, a Diversity and Inclusiveness Strategic Plan.

For Wynn Williams, our commitment to diversity is about recognising and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement.

Such characteristics include, gender, age, ethnicity, disability, race, religion, language, education, geography, nationality, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, work style, work experience, thinking style and personality type.

Inclusion goes beyond recognising diversity, and refers to how we embrace it and leverage it, including the way we value, listen to, and work with our diverse group of employees, clients, and community.

Wynn Williams' values of Listen, Lead and Grow inherently recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion in our objectives.

A further key value of the firm is 'People Matter'. This value recognises that our objectives and vision are achieved through our people and their contribution:
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Respect for all contributions
  • Continuous learning and professional development
  • Work-life balance

In order to help our people achieve their best, the firm has made significant investment in a number of areas:
  • State of the art offices
  • High specification technology
  • Flexibility with time and location of working
  • Investment in professional development at all levels
  • Wellness program delivered
  • Promotion based on merit
  • Representation through a Staff Board
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